Oh yes, another blog (sorry but not sorry)


Let me start by saying that husband, Mr Sunshine (these pseudonyms won’t be lasting very long, just a feeling) was very skeptical when I told him I wanted to start a blog. He simply said,’What are you going to talk about?’ Valid point, and one that I took into a lot of consideration. You know those people who always seem to be good at what they do without even trying? The ones who get all the answers right in a school test but didn’t have to study (bastards), or that person who everyone wanted to be friends with cuz they were so cool (pft)? Well, I was never one of them. Not bitter about it (okay, maybe slightly)….

Anyway, I thought I’d do a bit of research on this whole blogging thing… and although I wasn’t surprised that this isn’t something new, I am kind of overwhelmed at what’s out there; it’s not just about blogging, you’ve got vlogging, all sorts of awards, conferences, twitter, facebook, endorsements… it’s great, but I understand what Mr Sunshine meant by asking me that question. What have I got to say that hasn’t been said before? The answer to that is simply ‘Nothing.’ This mum blogging thing isn’t new, I won’t be the best at it or have all the answers, and am definitely not the coolest mum on the block doing the school run… but I still have a story, and a voice. Right now, this voice is mostly being used to negotiate with the kids to do what I want them to do (Who many times do you have to ask someone to put on their freaking shoes? And if they spill that drink one more time today, I am going to lose that voice! Actually, I may lose that voice quite a few times a day… cringe). I don’t get to talk about other stuff much because at the moment, the norm is ‘Can I watch another Octonauts?’ and I need to try and restore a bit of sanity.. and think… and talk.

So, this is me, Mrs Sunshine (love it!) saying hello.

PS. Thanks to Clementine Creative for the pretty ‘hello’.


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